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The best accident chiropractors in Weddington, NC have been helping injured victims for more than 40 years. Dr. Larry Kaplan and Dr. Dennis Watts of The Accident and Injury Center make it their prioroty to supply those in need with the  highest degree of Chiropractic Care available.

Our team of Chiropractors specialized staff are experts in treating individuals who have sustained injuries to the neck and spine as the result of automobile accidents, sports injuries, slip and falls and other scenarios.

We are eager to provide cutting edge treatments and equipment to meet all of our patients medical needs.

Back X-ray at Chiropractic Injury Center in Weddington

Treatment Options Include:

1. Hot / Cold Remedies - Heat treatment helps muscles relax and Cold Therapy will help to minimize pain and inflammation. Stiff, stressed, and sore muscles can be relieved and relaxed with a little heat, but joints really by comparison require cold treatment to reduce inflammation, which is a significant cause of arthritis joint pain.

Weddington Chiropractor Adjusting Woman with hip pain2. Inferential ElectroTherapy - Interferential current therapy is an effective treatment option used by several physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics to relieve pain and hasten the self-healing process, in order to get your body back to normal and relieve you of your pain.

3. Electric Muscle Stimulation - This diagnostic tool is the elicitation of muscular contraction with electric impulses.

4. Diathermy - A medical and surgical technique involving the creation of heat at a part of the human body by high-frequency electrical currents. This stimulates the circulation, alleviates pain symptoms, destroys unhealthy tissue, and causes bleeding vessels to clot.

5. Ultrasound - Ultrasound therapy uses sound waves to deliver deep heat to soft tissue locations to reduce muscle pain and motion dysfunction

6. Intersegmental Traction - Our intersegmental traction tables help to gently re-establish normal ranges of motion within the spine. These tables help decrease muscle spasms and facilitate muscle relaxation.

7. Chiropractic Adjustments - our chiropractors treat back pain and neck pain by applying gentle thrusts of varying speed and forces to affect the spinal joints causing dysfunction and pain symptoms.

We believe it is very important to care for your symptoms but to also correctly diagnose them at the origin!

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What Can You Expect on Your First Trip to the Clinic?

On your first trip to our Weddington, North Carolina Chiropractic Clinic, we'll diagnose your injury and begin a customized treatment strategy to return you to living the lifestyle you enjoyed before your accident.

Chiropractor Explaining Spine and Back Pain

First we need to determine which areas of movement are restricted. 

To do this, our Chiropractic Doctors will evaluate your posture, your walk, and also perform compression and spinal alignment tests. 

Doing this will help them understand your body's combined mechanics and all its weak points.

In addition to this physical examination, you may require other digital imaging tests like x-rays or MRI's. That is only the case when the doctor needs help diagnosing the origin of your pain symptoms.

As well as treating the injuries that our patients suffer from, the Accident and Injury Center also works with Personal Injury Attorneys and Medical Doctors so that all of our patients medical and legal needs are satisfied.

What are the Stages of Treatment?

In the beginning, visits might occur often to help limit muscle spasm and reduce inflammation.

Most patients begin with intensive care first so they can feel relief as soon as possible. Therefore, in the beginning, visits are usually quite regular.Top Injury Chiropractor for Hurt Necks

We will offer rehabilitation procedures that are essential to help relieve your symptoms.

Based upon your age, injury type, and lifestyle, repeated visits over weeks or months may be needed to reduce your symptoms.

As patients react to treatment and their spinal function is increased, visit frequency will be reduced.

The objective of Rehabilitative Care is to get a complete healing and for a decrease in your pain to occur.

Soft tissue and muscle damage can linger, even after you feel better. So even though visit frequency has been reduced, you will need to supplement your treatment with corrective exercises at home.

Before a complete recovery occurs, quitting care could set the stage for a relapse.

After the treatment of your problem, routine chiropractic checkups can help preserve your progress.

Regular visits can also help catch small problems before they become big concerns. A healthyb lifestyle can save you money and time.

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What Types of Injuries Do Our Chiropractors Treat?

Our Weddington Chiropractors have plenty of experience dealing with all kinds of injuries and spine.

We utilize our specialized training and decades of expertise to set a treatment program which corrects imbalances within our patients.

Leading Chiropractor in Weddington, NC tractioning out a patients low backSome of the most Frequent Injuries Our Chiropractors Treat include:

  • Whiplash
  • Migraines
  • Automobile Accident Injuries
  • Headaches
  • Herniated or Slipped Discs
  • Nerve Damage
  • Soft-Tissue Damage
  • Neck Injury
  • Scoliosis
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Back Pain

Our Chiropractors take a drug-free way of recovery that can help cure the aforementioned afflictions as well as many others.

When something isn't right with the alignment of the body, it has to be addressed before true wellness can be achieved.

With remedies and chiropractic care methods, your body is able to repair itself naturally from the inside out.

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Our veteran chiropractors have years of experience treating accident injuries which means we are the best when it comes to diagnosing the cause of your pain and developing a treatment plan that is tailored to you. 

The entire staff at our accident clinic values every patient and can't wait to get to know you too. 

We pride ourselves on making every trip to our clinic a great experience, so if you feel you had an unfavorable time, please do not hesitate to let us know so we can resolve the issue. 

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