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Back Pain Treatment and Injury Prevention Center in Eastway, NC 

If you live in Eastway, NC and suffer from back pain we might have a solution for you!

Our experienced Chiropractors specialize in treating victims of auto, truck, and motorcycle accidents, slip and fall, and others for their back pain and other minor injuries. 

By using state of the art techniques and methods, we strive to relieve your pain once and for all by getting to the root cause. 

But now you are probably asking...

How is a Chiropractor Going to Help Me?

Here is what you need to know, research shows that when a patient chooses to remove their pain by undergoing surgery or taking medications they do not heal as quickly as patients who choose to use chiropractic treatment.  

Surgeries and medications can be very dangerous to your body and sometimes they do more long term damage to your health.  Chiropractic treatments are completely natural ways to remove your back pain.

When your spine is realigned properly, the tension surrounding your misaligned vertebrae is minimized.  This allows your body and mind to start communicating properly to heal.

If you are tired of being one of the many people living in Eastway experiencing back pain, don’t hesitate to call Accident and Injury Center and get the care that you deserve. 

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But the big question you are probably wondering...

Why is My Back Hurting Me Anyway?  

Back injuries are brought on by many different causes, the most common that our Chiropractors treat here at Accident and Injury Center are:

Soft Tissue Damage/ Pulled Muscle: Pain in the lower back that is caused by damage to the soft tissue that support your lumbar spine.

Arthritis: Affects the joints, muscles, and bones, that can cause pain, stiffness and discomfort in all areas of the body, specifically the lower back. 

Slips and Falls: Occurs when someone unexpectedly falls onto the ground, usually backward, and injures their lower back.    

Scoliosis: A neuro-muscular condition that causes unnatural curvature of the spine.  This usually happens in children ages 10-14. 

Repetitive Motion: Caused by a continual movement that overstretches or tears the muscles in the back.

Muscle Spasms: The unintentional tightening and loosening of the muscles in the lower back. 

Herniated/Bulging Disc: One of the most common causes of back pain, occurs when a disc in the lower spine shifts out of position and puts pressure on the nerve roots.

Chronic Back Pain: Pain in the back that last longer than 12 weeks after already being treated for the initial injury.

Car Accident Injury: Pain in the back initially brought on by an auto accident.

Pregnancy Pain: When a woman is pregnant her body releases a hormone called relaxin that allows ligaments and joints in the lower body to loosen to prepare for the birth of the baby. This can cause ligamentous laxity, which leads to instability and pain in the back and can causes ribs to shift out of place.

Athlete_with_a_hurt_back_Sports InjuryAny injury due to performing an athletic event such as overuse, lack of stretching, insufficient conditioning and physical trauma. 

Sciatica: The weakness, numbness, or tingling of muscles in the lower back down the back of the leg.  Sciatica is a symptom of another more severe medical condition such as a herniated disc.

Pinched Nerves: Similar to herniated discs, pinched nerves in the spine can cause severe back pain.  They can manifest themselves in a handful of ways, the best way for us to understand is with proper diagnosis.  

Degenerative Disc Disease: A very common cause of lower back pain, discomfort caused by the wear-and-tear of spinal discs.  DDD is very common with age.   

We can't stress enough how important it is to get medical treatment that your body needs to heal as soon as possible.

Most likely your body will not heal itself on its own.  So, regardless of how minor the accident you suffered might seem, ignoring it will not make it go away.  

You need to make sure that you are checked by a  Professional Chiropractor so that any misalignments in your back can be corrected.  If left untreated, over time these misalignments will cause nerve damage and chronic pain.

You don't have to live with this discomfort any more!  Let our Trusted Eastway Chiropractors at Accident and Injury Center help you today!

Let Us Get You Feeling Better Today! 

For our chiropractors to know the proper course of action for your treatment, a physical exam will be given to you.  Don't worry, the exam is not scary or difficult, it simply allows the chiropractor to identify any misalignments in your spine. 

All you will be asked to do is complete a few simple steps such as walking, sitting down, and moving to determine if there are any unnatural movements, postural issues, or anything else that is out of place causing your back pain.

If something is detected, we might recommend getting additional diagnostics done such as X-rays and/or MRIs.   

When the source of your pain is identified, our Eastway Chiropractors will create a treatment and recovery plan customized to your needs that will speed up your healing time.

Our top 5 treatment methods include:

  • Ergonomics Training: Sometimes the pain your back is caused by the position you sleep in or work in.  By instituting simple posture adjustments into you sleep or work routine you will notice a significant decrease in your pain levels.
  • Pelvic stabilization Drills: This therapy is used for those who suffer from flat feet, subtalar instability, or leg-length deficiency. Essentially, our Chiropractors will monitor how you walk and then work with you to correct your walking patterns.  This will help you eliminate pain symptoms every time you walk.
  • Spinal Adjustments: Also called manual manipulation,  this treatment is done at the very beginning of a healthy healing process. Chiropractor_examining_a_lady's_spine_with_back_pain We use this method because when the spine is realigned correctly it releases pressure off of nerves that are causing you pain.  It will increase your motion and restore proper blood flow and work to relieve muscle tension. Then, when your body is able to function properly, chemical reactions take place to work as natural pain killers there by relieving pain without any kind of harmful medications.
  • Traction and Decompression: This treatment is a deep massage that uses a complex system of rollers that move across your back to stretch and decompress the muscles.  This technique is mainly used for clients suffering from bulging or herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, or sciatica because it stretches out the spine to remove pressure on sensitive nerve areas. 
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy: This treatment is used for people who experience painful cramping and muscle spasms.  It is preformed by placing electrodes on your skin and sending a mild electrical pulse to different regions of your body.  These pulses help reduce inflammation in your joints and relax your muscles.  This will work to settle spasms down and relieve pain symptoms.  

So, now that you know our treatment methods, its time to make a decision...

Seek Immediate Treatment to Help Your Back Pain Today! 

Contact our Trusted Eastway Chiropractors today if you are suffering from any kind of back pain!

If you believe someone else to be responsible for your pain, such as in an auto accident, they might be responsible for your medical treatment too! But you can't wait, because after time you might lose your right to compensation!

Regardless of the character of your pain, you need to seek immediate medical treatment so that you can get back to living your life pain free!

Our Eastway Chiropractors at Accident and Injury Center are just a phone call away! Schedule your free consultation Today!

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