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Leading Back Pain Treatment Clinic in Davidson, North Carolina

If you are in Davidson, North Carolina and are suffering from Back Pain, you need a doctor of chiropractic with experience treating chronic back pain and acute injuries.

Back pain caused by car accidents, slip and falls, and other types of injuries are all common injuries the doctors at  Accident Injury Center treat. 

We not only correct the problem we are also experts at detecting the root cause of your problem so our treatment is more effective and will last longer. 

Any misalignments of the spine can cause you different pain symptoms that a chiropractic adjustment will help ease tension around the injured vertebrae.

Through this treatment your brain and body will return to proper communication.

Back Pain Relief | Davidson, NCChiropractic treatment can repair the mechanics of your spine providing most of our Davidson Back Pain patient's experience rapid improvements and are able to avoid surgery!

There is no need to try and tolerate your back pain, get the treatment you deserve from one our top Davidson Chiropractic Doctors. Request a Free Consultation today!

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Typical Reasons People have Back Pain

The Accident Injury Center has the best Back Pain Physicians for you back pain care.

Reasons for Back Pain in Davidson, NC

We provide comprehensive spinal care for all accident injuries, with wellness solutions for all of our patients. 

Typical conditions our chiropractors treat:

Most back pain issues come from Slip and Fall Accidents and Vehicle Accidents. These incidents cause soft tissue damage and hard impact on your spine.  When your spine becomes misaligned, it causes irritation to your nerves, bones, ligaments, and discs. 

If you have experienced an accident that possibly caused misalignments to your spine, it can cause nerve damage and can worsen if you do not seek medical attention.  

Repetitive motion causes stress on your joints, which commonly happens with from work-related or sports injuries. This can impact your strength, range of motion, reflexes, and performance.

Posture has a big effect on a persons spine and its structure, so how you hold yourself for extended periods of time will impact your overall health. Your muscles may become tighten, shorten or weakened which will cause chronic back pain if left untreated. 

Cut out the constant soreness, tightness, and Back Pain from your life with Davidson's Best Back Pain Doctors at Accident and Injury Center.

We can diagnose the issues you are experiencing and treat them without harmful medications or scary surgery.

How Accident Injury Center Relieves Back Pain for Davidson, NC 

A physical exam will allow the chiropractor to find any misalignments in your spine. You will need to walk, sit and move so they can observe any unnatural movements, posture, or anything out of place. 

Reviewing your medical history, especially detecting old injuries can be important for your recovery plan.

Our Davidson Chiropractors will find the source of the problem and make an individualized plan for your recovery.Davidson Chiropractor Treating Back Pain

Common treatment methods include:

  • Spinal Adjustments and Decompression:  This is done by hand as know as manual manipulation, this technique can provide immediate relief from back pain. It releases pressure off of nerves and increases your range of motion.  When this is done, your blood flow will be restored to normal causing a chemical reaction in the body that acts as a natural painkiller allowing your body to heal naturally. 
  • Pelvic Stabilization Drills: This treatment is necessary when a patient has a leg-length deficiency, flat feet, or suffers from subtalar instability. Heal insert are typically recommended for the shorter leg to help stabilize the pelvis and simultaneously corrects your walking gait. Once our doctors correct the pattern of your natural walking motion will become more comfortable for you, and it will eliminate the tension and therefore reduce your back pain. 
  • Traction and Decompression: Traction massage is where the patient lays face up on a table as a system of rollers move over the back. Your back is being massaged and stretched during this process which allows eliminates back pain. Other traction devices may even be incorporated to assist in decompressing discs and stretching out the spine removing pressure on sensitive nerves. This specific therapy method is helpful for individuals who suffer from bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, sciatica and many more conditions. 
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy: If you suffer from severe Muscle Spasms and Cramping, you will most likely benefit from electrical stimulation. Electrodes will be placed on your skin, and then they will send mild electrical pulses through your body, relaxing your muscles, reducing inflammation in your joints,  calm down the muscle spasms, and relieve back pain symptoms.
  • Ergonomics Training: If the chiropractor determines your workstation or sleeping position is the cause of your pain then modifications will be recommended. By making slight modifications your treatment will be more effective, and you will heal much faster.

The Benefits to Seeking Back Pain Treatment Immediately

Getting the correct treatment for your back pain symptoms right away will allow your body to heal correctly. 

If you do not seek help right away your injuries will worsen or heal incorrectly causing you more pain later. So do yourself a favor and contact Davidson's leading back pain relief specialists at Accident and Injury Center

If your back pain was caused by someone else negligence, then it is okay to hold them responsible for the results of their action. Don't wait too long or you will forfeit your rights of having them take care of the medical bills.  Best Back Pain Treatment in Davidson, NC

We have all the right answers to get you out of pain.

Our Chiropractors at Accident Injury Center are locally well trusted Back Relief Doctors for your injury treatment! 

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