Slip and Fall

Just when we thought that winter was over! If your location is anything like mine, you’ve just gotten a bit of snow and are gearing up for a lot more. There is a nor’easter coming according to our trusted meteorologists and that means that there will be plenty of mad dashes to the local grocery stores. While these trips are normally annoying, they are little more than that. Sometimes, however, they can be the start of a long and painful recovery.

Earlier today, my neighbor came home from doing some shopping just after the snow had stopped. She wanted to get in before everyone else did so there would still be things left unlike the last time a storm hit us. While this seemed like a great idea at the time, there was one problem: the parking lot had not been plowed yet. She was coming out with her groceries to put them in her car and slipped on a wet spot that had frozen and fell, some of her items falling on top of her. Naturally by the time she came back, I had realized she was gone longer than usual and kept an eye out so I could see if she was okay. After helping her bring in her groceries, we sat down and got some ice on her leg which was swelling.

Falling during the winter is unfortunately common and easy. While normally we simply end up with a bruised tailbone, sometimes the injuries can be much worse. I once had a friend who shattered his kneecap after falling the wrong way on some ice. These injuries happen more and more as we get older as well, which is of course a worse time to get hurt.

Always do your best to be careful when you are outside during the winter. Sustaining these injuries is never fun and can lead to complications even years down the road. If you have fallen on ice, always be sure to get it checked out by a medical professional. If you are in pain from a fall, then we encourage you to come into Accident and Injury Center and see if a spinal adjustment can help reduce that pain. We want to make sure you’re healthy, so let us check you out!

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